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Hey there! If you are here, you are probably part of an accelerator, investment fund, company or an educational hub, right? We invite you to explore the diverse ways we can join forces to unleash the integration of non-tech professionals into the startup world, crafting a future that benefits all stakeholders.

We are here to generate value for you and for us. It´s a win-win situation.

So, are you ready to embark in this journey and become and official partner of

What are our partnership categories?

💪 Strengthing the Startup
and Scaleup Ecosystem

Are you an Investment Fund, a Venture Builder, an Incubator or Accelerator looking to add extra value for your portfolio companies at little or no cost? is dedicated to enriching the startup ecosystem by connecting the dots between innovative companies like yours and the best non-tech professionals of the world.

🤝 Why Partner with

Access to Talent and Increased Performance

Elevate the success of your portfolio companies by unlocking an exclusive gateway to our vetted qualified non-tech talent pool. This access not only elevates their growth potential but ensures performance gains through strategic non-tech hiring.

Branding Opportunities

Capitalize on our platform's reach to solidify your presence and visibility within the startup community and connect with a network of high-caliber, A-class startup-minded professionals.

🧬 Empowering the Next Generation of Non-Tech Talent

Are you a highly respected university or a disruptive ed-tech, providing skill development for thousands of future non-tech leaders? So you play a pivotal role in our mission, providing the foundation for a future where education and opportunity meet at the forefront of innovation.

🤝 Why Partner with

Direct Impact

Connect your students and alumni with top-tier startups and scaleups, facilitating career opportunities that resonate with their aspirations and skills.


Showcase your institution within our network, highlighting your commitment to nurturing industry-ready talent.

Increased Revenue

Promote your brand within our network to attract new students, benefiting from our vibrant community to extend the reach of your services.

Exclusive Discounts

Offer your services at special rates to our community at ambi´s marketplace, enhancing your client base while providing added value to ours.

Our Promise

Together, we can ensure that your students and alumni don't just find a job but embark on careers that are as dynamic and innovative as they are. By joining forces, we extend an invitation to be part of an ecosystem that values growth, learning, and the future of work.

Join Us (Ao clicar, link para sign up)

Reach out to forge a partnership that not only elevates your institution but also shapes the future of non-tech hiring. Together, let's build the bridge to tomorrow's opportunities.

Creating Synergies

Do you feel the solutions, tools or services you provide can empower the companies and professionals part of community? If so, welcome aboard! We´re constantly on the lookout for innovative tools that can transform different landscapes and complement our vision.

🤝 Why Partner with

Complementary Services

Integrate your solutions with ours, offering a comprehensive suite of services to our shared clientele.

Marketing Collaboration

Benefit from joint marketing initiatives, including newsletter mentions and event sponsorships, to increase your brand's reach.

Exclusive Discounts

Offer your services at special rates to our community at ambi´s marketplace, enhancing your client base while providing added value to ours.

Our Approach

Our synergy partners are instrumental in providing the startup ecosystem with a holistic service offering that addresses a wide range of needs, from HR to smart accounting and beyond. By partnering with us, you're not just reaching a wider audience; you're also becoming part of a movement that values efficiency, effectiveness, and the future of work.

Join Us (Ao clicar, link para sign up)

Interested in exploring a partnership that drives mutual growth and success? We're excited to explore how we can integrate your solutions into our community for mutual benefit.


Are you a professional from a business area and believe you have what it takes to be part of our network?

Become an Ambi talent!
We are generalists, we are specialists, we are at the backbone of every business, we are everywhere.

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