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Job search sucks, no? Not anymore is the only talent marketplace dedicated for non-tech talent seeking startup and scaleup jobs.

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Maybe it's time to join a seed company and grow from scratch? Or now you want to join a Series B? At ambi, you decide!

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At ambi, you can select the values you seek in a company, and match with companies with the same values when they open roles in your area of expertise.

Tired of engaging and having a (bad) salary surprise?

At ambi, all the jobs have the salary range disclosed.

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Manage all of your applications at one place and receive updates when employers advance a stage with you!

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We vett all the companies and jobs, so we make sure we have a closed high quality marketplace, for candidates and employers.

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We give you the opportunity to find the perfect fit, not just to choose from a bunch of common options.

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Used as a sourcing tool for A-level talent acquistion by many scaling startups and scaleups worldwide.
Skip the crowded, low-quality LinkedIn job postings.
Reduce time to fill, with A-level startup-minded active candidates
Manage your non-tech processes at the same place
Leverage AI-powered screening for rapid candidate assessments.
2 Minutes to Post
Unlimited Jobs
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30 Days Visibility
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What ambi people say: was a game-changer for my job hunt. No more sifting through endless job boards and LinkedIn noise. It's like they understand exactly what I'm looking for in a job.

João Marques
Head of Sales

"I'm impressed with It not only streamlined my job applications but also helped me discover the perfect roles, even though I'm not in the tech industry."

Tim Lambert
Venture Developer

"What stood out about is their commitment to user feedback. It's a platform that genuinely cares about its users, ensuring we receive the insights we need after interviews."

Juan Diaz
Marketing Manager

" made job hunting a breeze. It's like they have a magic wand for finding jobs that match my skills and interests. It saved me a ton of time."

Frederik Hansen
Founder at a Venture Builder

" is now my go-to platform for job hunting. It not only simplifies finding the right roles but also keeps my applications organized, so I don't need to hassle through LinkedIn."

Anna Søndberg
Investment Analyst

"Thanks to, I landed my dream role faster than expected. Their approach to job curation and post-interview feedback is a breath of fresh air."

Cristina Garcia
Customer Success Manager

"It's incredible how helped me find relevant roles at amazing companies. The job curation and application management features made a real difference in my job search."

Team Member - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
Javier Rodriguez
Operations Manager


Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know and more.
What is, and how can it benefit my company's recruitment efforts? Your gateway to a world of non-tech opportunities in tech companies. We connect non-tech professionals with exciting roles at startups, scaleups, and innovative tech firms. Our platform streamlines your job search, offering valuable insights and time-saving features. Employers can post jobs for free, receiving inbound applicants. A Pro plan will unlock advanced sourcing from our extensive database. For those needing extra support, provides dedicated, success-based recruitment services to match you with the right talent.
What is the process for posting jobs on
Posting jobs on is simple. Sign up, create your company profile, wait for approval (if all is good, in 1-3 business days), and start posting your job listings. Our platform allows you to reach a targeted audience of non-tech professionals interested in tech companies.
Can I receive inbound applications from candidates on the free plan?
Yes, with our free plan, you can receive inbound applications from candidates who are interested in your job listings. We offer this feature to help you connect with potential hires at no cost.
What additional benefits does the Pro Plan offer to employers?
The Pro Plan provides employers with advanced features, including access to an extensive database of vetted candidates and our powerful AI Interviewer tool and AI Sourcing. These tool allows you to efficiently evaluate candidates based on job requirements, receive detailed fit analysis, scoring, and personality insights, ultimately saving you time and improving your hiring decisions.
How is the Pro Plan priced for employers?
The pricing for our Pro Plan is on the Pricing section. We offer flexible pricing options, please get in touch if you have other needs.
Can I customize my company profile on
Yes, with all plans, you have the option to customize your company profile within the platform. This customization allows you to showcase your brand and engage with potential candidates more effectively. Make sure your company profile is complete, that you give feedback to interested candidates, and remain active, since your next hire could be just waiting for your next job listings.
How can I reach out for support or assistance as an employer?
Employers on the Pro Plan have access to priority chat support for quicker assistance. Our support team is here to assist you with any questions or needs you may have.
Is my company's data and information secure on
Yes, we prioritize data security. Your company's information is kept confidential and is protected by our stringent privacy and security policies. We follow industry-standard practices to ensure the security of your data.
How can my company benefit from using the AI Interviewer tool?
The AI Interviewer tool helps you assess candidate fit, analyze responses, and gain personality insights efficiently. It saves you time in the evaluation process and provides valuable data to make informed hiring decisions. (Feature coming soon)
Why is providing feedback to candidates important for companies?
Providing feedback to candidates demonstrates professionalism and enhances your company's reputation. It helps candidates understand why they may not have been selected and promotes a positive candidate experience, which can impact your employer brand.
How can I provide feedback to candidates on
You can provide feedback to candidates directly through our platform after reviewing their applications or conducting interviews. We encourage you to offer constructive feedback to help candidates in their career journeys.
What if I am unable to provide feedback for a specific candidate?
While we encourage feedback, we understand that there may be situations where you cannot provide it. However, we ask that you make efforts to offer feedback whenever possible. It contributes to a better overall experience for candidates.
What happens if my company consistently does not provide feedback to candidates?
At, we consider feedback an essential part of the recruitment process. If we receive consistent reports that a company is not providing feedback to candidates, we may take action, including potentially blocking the company's account. We want to maintain a positive and respectful environment for all users.
What if I have concerns about providing feedback for legal or privacy reasons?
We understand that there may be legal or privacy concerns when providing feedback. In such cases, it's important to communicate your constraints with candidates and offer feedback to the extent that is legally and ethically possible.We strive to create a supportive and professional environment for both candidates and companies on Feedback is a vital part of this process, and we encourage all users to embrace this responsibility to enhance the overall experience on our platform.Please feel free to customize and expand upon these FAQs to align them with your talent marketplace's specific feedback policies and procedures.
What Makes a Company Profile a Go or a No-Go?
Wondering what gets a company profile approved on Here's the scoop on our criteria:

The "Go" Factors:
1. Relevance: We value companies that align with the core focus of our talent marketplace. Profiles that demonstrate relevance to the tech industry, startups, scaleups, or innovative corporates are a go.

2. Transparency: Openness and honesty are our friends. Company profiles with complete, transparent information, including a clear logo and an engaging description, are a green light.

3. Alignment: Your company should be in tune with our marketplace's vibe. We're all about tech, startups, corporates with innovation potential, and scaleups that are ready to thrive.

4. Verification: Prove you're the real deal with verified details. Trust us; it makes a difference. Verified profiles get the green light.

5. Professionalism: Keep it pro. Professional conduct, respectful communication, ethical behavior, and adherence to our rules are essential. We're all about fostering a positive environment.

The "No-Go" Factors:
1. Misalignment: If your company's mission and industry don't align with our talent marketplace's tech-oriented focus, it might not be a fit.

2. Lack of Relevance: Profiles that lack relevance to the tech sector, startups, innovation, or scalability may not meet our criteria.

3. Opacity: Hidden or misleading information doesn't align with our commitment to transparency. We're all about clear and straightforward communication.

4. Unprofessional Behavior: Inappropriate conduct, spamming, or ethical breaches? That's a deal-breaker. We're here for professionalism and respect.

5. Rule Breakers: Violating our terms and policies? Sorry, but it's a no-go. We expect all participants to play by the rules.Our aim is to keep our talent marketplace genuine, professional, and exciting. Companies that meet these criteria and showcase relevance, scalability, and technological orientation are welcome with open arms. Questions? Feel free to reach out. 🌟🚀
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What ambi people say

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I've found it via ambi made a real impact on my career. I recently landed an incredible Head of Operations role at a startup through their platform. It's not just a job search; it's a game-changer. If you're looking to level up your career in the non-tech field, is the way to go!

Javier Rodriguez
Ops Manager at Strable

It simply worked.

I've received a message one week after creating my profile at ambi, went through some interviews and got the job. It just worked, and I did manage all the other applications through the platform.

Sophie Moore
Head of Marketing at

"I got feedback"

Actually, I've got the job through another source, but did relevant interviews and got feedback from all the companies. That matters. I'm now using to hire for my new sales team.

Matt Cannon
Head of Sales at Diversia
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